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The Momentum Group

The Momentum Group

Get momentum in your life by developing a monthly rhythm of goal setting, accountability and friendship. Surround yourself with a group of women who will love you where you are at and encourage you to become all that you were designed to become. 

What is a Momentum Group?

A group of your friends or acquaintances who are working on themselves and want to improve their thinking, their choices and their outcomes. Every 28 Days, you meet to discuss your goals, how well you stuck with your habit building and discuss growth content (in the way of books, articles, talks, etc.) Depending on what your specific group wants to work on, you can make the 28 days about finances, exercise/health, personal development, etc. 

What does it cost to become a member? 

Nothing. There are tools available to you so that you can grow efficiently--some are free others are paid (like the momentum planner) but all are optional. What is impoortant is that you take the steps to grow yourself and develop habits that help you live every day with Momentum.

How do I start?

Join the Facebook  group, The Momentum Group @mymomentumplanners to connect with other Momentum Group members. For more information on reading choices and helpful information, visit www.livingwithmomentum.org.